Celebrating Life to the fullest!

Published on 13 February 2018 at 00:00

Life can be risky… 
Especially when walking under coconut trees…



Life can be risky… 
Especially when walking under coconut trees… Huh?... Yeah!...

We North-European people often don’t realise how ‘dangerous’ those beautiful tropical trees can be and how fatal a falling coconut on your head could be. I don’t wanna be dramatical at all…  but this positive woman is aware of this after some years of traveling through pretty tropical areas and jungles… But when it’s night time and it’s pitch dark and you have your stomach full of yummy vegan goodness after a lovely night out for dinner at a most amaaazing restaurant with permaculture garden, I wasn’t focussing on the type of crowns of trees above our heads. Luckily I took a moment to stand still and to watch my phone to find our way back home through the rice fields when only a few seconds later a huuuge coconut fell on the pathway just a few meters before us. What if…?! I really think it would’ve been close to be honest… But hey, I guess it wasn’t my time yet…  there's still much to discover, learn and share!  
And to show the Universe that the Gratitude for still being alive was huuuuge, we went to a local café the next morning where we drank a coconut as big as my head to celebrate life even more 

There’s really soooo much to be Grateful for! 

So once again life shows me how precious this Life REALLY is!  

Let’s share our knowledge, Love and Wisdom as much as we can!
Let’s live our life to the fullest!
Let’s be our own and each other’s teachers and inspirators!
Let's make this world a better place to live in!
And let's enJOY every second... 'cause YES:

EVERY... SECOND... MATTERS… and is a real GIFT 


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