Sprout yourself into a Blossoming you!

In August 2014 -after another challenging, but really powerful and transforming period in my life- I left my home country Belgium to start travelling; just by myself and without any plans... In every cell of my body I felt this was the right decision and -encouraged by some lovely friends- I was determined to write a book about TRUE Happiness and Wellbeing. 

The flow took me to the most breathtaking places on this planet Earth and I got majorly inspired by the many beautiful souls I met during more than 9 months of traveling! I even 'accidently' travelled around the globe! ;-) I started to interview people and did many small and bigger projects on the way... My camera and a big smile were my daily companions. I felt more alive than ever!

Since that time I never stopped traveling and discovering the world outside and within myself. After having known depression and burnout earlier in my life, I can only say that it brought me where I am today and that Life is such a beautiful and interesting journey! I feel deeply Grateful! 


On December 28th of 2018 I self published my first book that I wrote during an Italian journey FULL of magic and synchronicities. Only thanks to all the magnificent co-creators on the way I can now reach out to you with lots of magical stories that will touch your Heart and Soul; both through the book as well as through the transformative storytelling nights where I guide you into a high vibrational field so the transmission of these magical frequencies can take place in each of you...

Recently I was called back home after having travelled to Costa Rica. Being emerged in the powerful energies of this land I started writing another book.
Also all the other incredible traveling stories from the past few years might be combined in a book one day... It'll be a collection of the most impressive situations, people and places I encountered during my travels in Hawai'i, Polynesia, New-Zealand, Australia, Asia, Latin-America, Africa and Europe; all infused with inspiring tools from many different cultures to live a truly authentic and fulfilling life! 

Besides that I'm launching two new projects. Soon I'll be touring through Belgium and Europe to share the work with you! It'll be a celebration of life AND of YOU; being a multi-talented being with unique gifts and a huge potential! :-) And since our transforming world asks us to step up (to stop playing small) we'll unlock all that amazing power in a deep, yet FUN way! Come over and join us! Let's celebrate life and the power that we hold to be the change that we wish to see in this world! :-) 
If you want to stay tuned, send me an email or check this website every once in a while… Big love! Sophia.