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The Bliss of Birth

The Bliss of Birth …or how giving birth can and should be a wonderful experience.   Today I visited the Bumi Sehat Foundation. It is a Birth house in Bali with a beautiful vision and a team of conscious midwives who believe in the power of the pregnant woman and the wisdom of her body and womb during the birth process. I was welcomed by two lovely ladies at the desk. They wore nice dresses and a big smile. One was carrying a baby who she was breastfeeding and who clearly enjoyed his meal. The other one was carrying a baby in her womb. The joy they and kindness they shared with me was truly touching. These two bright souls then referred me to Ayu; a midwife who’d tell me more about the birthing centre. I felt hugely privileged to be a guest in this warm, safe space for pregnant women and during the whole ‘tour’ I had goosebumps from top till toe. Here is why…

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Full Blue Super Blood Moon Eclipse @ Thailand!

Last night I witnessed the Blue Super Bloodmoon eclipse in Thailand and oh... what an epic experience this was! The day had been so magical thus far... and to then be showered with heaps of synchronicities and blessings just made me feel truly ecstatic and energised!

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The Power of your Body!

YES!  There are many more ways to heal cancer AND other dis-eases than through the currently known western medicine healing methods... IF those Western methods are healing us,... because more and more research shows us that in many cases it is not. Sadly enough... because millions of people are putting all their faith and trust in it. Is it all bad?... No... but...

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