guidance & high quality quantum Coaching


Let's take a Quantum leap to true happiness and overall wellbeing!

Together we can do this!


I am here to offer you different kinds of guidance and coaching:
in English (OF IN HET NEDERLANDS uiteraard :-))
For adults as well as for adolescents, children & babies. 
Live or through Zoom. 


- NEW PROJECT/EVENT/TOUR through Belgium & Europe: "Pura Vida con Sophia!" (email for dates!)

- Transformational, Intuitive, Quantum and Gratitude coaching. 

- Lectures on my book 'Living in full surrender' + other topics (of your interest). NED: Lezingen omtrent het boek 'Leven in Volle Overgave' + andere topics (naar jouw wens).

- Storytelling events where I take you to a vast field of infinite possibilities!

- Quantum Q&A by email or video message (powerful boost for your day/week! Email me for more info.)

- Copywriting (for your website, flyers, wedding, invitations,...) in English or in Dutch.

- Spiritual palliative care (because we all deserve a beautiful and graceful transition) 10 y. of experience.

- Readings ~ Channelings

- Holistic, intuitive healing & restorative massages. Also for (cry)babies.               

- Bringing energetical and practical improvements to your home, retreat place, shop, school... 

- Women Circles & Rituals

- Authentic grieving: how to heal from a miscarriage, the death of a beloved, a break up, being fired,... 

- Quantum Dance workshops on live music (432 Hz) + intuitive, tarantella & hula dance

- Workshops on mindfully growing your own food as well as mindful cooking and eating (veg/vegan)

- Lectures/storytelling at schools (for students, teachers and principles)

- Photography (website content, pregnant women, birth photography, shoots in nature, events,...)

- Workshops on many different topics (see below + on demand) 



Workshops/classes (or private sessions):


* Start your day in a Positive way! 

* Fusion Quantum Hula Dance

* Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

* Gratitude is a Golden key 

* Next level mindfulness!  ~ * Living in Wonder

  * Quantum power of the mind and the heart

  * Alchemic Graceful Grieving (miscarriage, loss of any kind,...)

  * Forgiveness

* Healing of the wounded Woman/Man

* Embracing, embodying and sharing your full potential!

  * Initiation Quantum Medicine + may food be our medicine



For more info, please feel free to send me an email via the contact link or via