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"Make someone's day...

every day...

and the world will be a better place to live in."




I invite you to make someone's day today! And if you like it -and I bet you will ;-) - you can do it every day. Because one act of kindness at a time changes the world!

On top of it, you literally become a healthier and happier person by doing more random acts of kindness! So what are you waiting for? ;-) 


You can do anything to make someone's day!

Today I invite you and your children to make a difference. You can download the pdf and let your children, grandchildren, children at school or youth movement make drawings on the back of the paper. Let them make a little artwork for someone they don't know. It doesn't matter how it looks like, because it is made with LOVE. Together you can go and offer them to people in hospitals or just dropping them in letter boxes while going for a walk. You can literally drop them anywhere! And imagine the smiles that will appear on people's faces ;-) I feel so much joy and gratitude already; just by thinking of the beautiful impact you will make. 




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